Tuesday, January 19

Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim, reprise

Here are some more mangled headlines from "Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim; and other flubs from the nation's press," edited by the Columbia Journalism Review, compiled by Gloria Cooper.        


CIA Reportedly Sought to Destroy Domestic Flies

Crash prompts change in rules; planes must clear mountains first

Beating Witness Provides Names

Old Miners Enjoy Benefits of Black Lung


Ban on soliciting dead in Trotwood

Fish & Game to Hold Annual Election

Complaints about NBA referees growing ugly

Columnist gets urologist in trouble with his peers

Dr. Tackett gives talk on moon

Stud tires out

Lawmen From Mexico Barbecue Guests

Bishop defrocks gay priest

Teen-age prostitution problem is mounting

Difference between day and night found on tour of Torrington Schools

Cabell Democrats Have Two Heads

Lucky man sees pals die

Mrs. Gandhi stoned at rally in India

Nixon to Stand Pat on Watergate Tapes

Former man dies in California

Religion: Synod of ishops rejects most of it

Do it in a microwave oven, save time

Marital Duties to Replace Borough Affairs for Harold Zipkin

Well, if you haven't laughed yet, you're not likely to. When I read the book the cumulative effect has me laughing out loud. Hope you got a grin out of one or two of these.

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