Wednesday, January 26

One night at the reference desk

I had an interesting night at the Reference Desk of Mighty Library last night, so I started jotting down the questions. It was a night that showcased the variety of questions we get in one of the departments of a multi-story downtown library.

- I need help with a job hunt.

- I need Immigration Forms printed. What is Immigration Form I-551? How much does it cost to apply?

- Please cancel my computer reservation.

- The computer is "acting crazy and jumping around."

- I'm trying to fill out a job application for CSL Plaza. Several tries with no luck. I finally got her to show me the envelope she was holding. CSL Plasma. Problem solved.

- Where does my color print job go?

- The new $5.00 bill doesn't work in the printer coin box. (A known and aggravating problem.)

- I need a book about Ph levels in the body.

- I'm looking for a casino gaming job at Mystic Lake.

- I need a renter's rebate credit form.

- What is a Lidoderm patch? What is Polysubstance?

- Please cancel my computer reservation.

- I don't have my library card with me, and I don't have ID, can I still get on the Internet? Sorry no. Really. Really. Really.

- Printer out of magenta toner.

- Job won't print.

- Do you have an area with special job hunting resources?

- I was on Crag's list . . . [long story.] Had closed Internet Explorer window, needed to get it back.

- Did anyone turn in a pacifier?

- Need info about personal loans and grants from the government.

- What was the name of the women's dress shop in the 1970's on the corner of 9th and Nicollet?

- Do you have environmental impact statements from 1984?

- The color is off on the 4th floor printer. Can you reprint this for me free on this floor?

- Looking for primary sources (government documents) on the Little Rock 9.

- Need career info and textbook/study info on Physical Therapy

- Help me find this book: "Danger and Survival: Choices about the bomb in the first 50 years."

- The computer is not recognizing my USB drive.

- Asked customer to take cell phone to lobby or use a quieter voice.

- Spoke to customer about cell phone voice volume again.

- Asked customer to use headphones while listening to music.

- Looking for an online fashion design school.

- Looking for an online course for MN real estate license.

- Looking for books about labor law. Actually was looking for a particular book, "State of the Union; a century of American labor."

- No library card. No ID. Sorry, can't give you your library card number without a picture ID. Really. Really. Really. Really. Really.

- Need the  phone number and any info for Springboard foundation.

- I'm looking for some books that I left out on the table last night.

- I'm looking for a phone number for Mr. L--- O--- , maybe near Crookston. His wife's name is Mary.

Meanwhile, my colleagues at the desk were handling as many questions, including several government document questions, a library tour, and question about a source for Venetian blind cordage, and a lengthy set of questions about the national debt and the Minnesota state debt.

A busy night at the library!


  1. LOL! Sounds like you quite a night! It's what makes our jobs interesting as librarians, you never know what you're going to get asked next.

  2. I bet that "the computer is jumping around and acting crazy" was the most prevalent comment :)

  3. Sounds like some of the more unique people decided to patronize the library that night.

  4. I work as a clerk (page) at my local library. That sounds about right... ;)

  5. I've just come across your blog and am enjoying it very much. Hope you'll be back soon to write more!

  6. That's a lot of help needed. :) Laughed at the CSL Plasma one.

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  8. This is hilarious! You should do more of these.

  9. I often go to the library to read a book.

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