Tuesday, June 3

Rule the Web!

I devoured Mark Fraunfelder's new book, Rule the Web; How to do anything and everything on the Internet -- better, faster, easier which he describes as "a guide to getting stuff done on the web."

It's jammed with great ideas on -- yes -- better, faster, and easier ways to use your mobile phone, ipod, internet phone, landline phone, email (he recommends gmail); tips for downloading video and movies, and working with varying formats for video and music.

In chapter one he gives good, concise introductions to creating web sites, blogs, podcasts, and wikis; social networking, photography and video. The mid-section of the book consists of chapters with tips on turbocharging your searching and browsing, shopping and selling; using the web for health, exercise and sports, media and entertainment, travel and sightseeing, work and productivity, and communication. He also covers security concerns and includes some great tips from his favorite bloggers.

I am going to have to work my way through chapter by chapter; there are so many ideas here I want to incorporate. I might even have to buy this book, and I don't buy many books!

Mark Frauenfelder is a freelance journalist, author, and founder of boingboing, "a directory of wonderful things."

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  1. Hey, Andrea--I felt the same way and did end up buying it (I also very rarely buy books) after I kept putting pieces of paper in a library copy to bookmark page after page for review. Most "beyond worth the price" book I've read in ages.