Thursday, April 24

Spring notes

Briefly noted:

More signs of spring:

- An uptick in the requests for Chilton's automotive repair manuals at all libraries
- First dandelions. The south lawn of the NE Library always has the first dandelion blooms.

Seen in passing:

- a young man with a Burberry plaid hat that belonged on someone at least 50 years older, and a New York Times tucked like a baguette into his backpack.
- turquoise cowboy boots and a matching turquoise blouse
- two young hipsters with their saggy baggy pants miraculously perched halfway down their rear ends, with full boxer display

Popular NY Times link: A clip from the Met Opera of Juan Diego Flórez singing 'Ah! Mes Amis,' with ovation and encore: nine high Cs! The link goes to the NY Times article, where you'll see the mp3 clips on the lower left side. Listening to this bright and stirring singing will boost your heart rate! Wow!

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