Sunday, August 12

I-35W Bridge

I went down to the Stone Arch Bridge today to pay my respects to those killed and injured in the bridge collapse, and to pay my respects to the bridge, too. I arrived a little after 8:00 on a Sunday morning. There were already people on the bridge looking toward the wreckage, which you can barely see from that vantage. It was a hushed and solemn crowd.

Here are the things that stood out most for me: the quiet, respectful mood of the crowd, the very low level of the Mississippi, and when I crossed the river and went to Gold Medal Park by the Guthrie, just how close everything is. I tend to see the city cut up by the routes I take; from the hill in Gold Medal Park I could see the Metrodome, the U, the color-blocked apartments of Cedar-Riverside, the downtown skyscrapers, and across the river to the St. Anthony mill neighborhood.


  1. I went down when I came back from ASP and experienced the same feeling. The only difference was that the bridge wasn't open for me, so I had to see it from even further back. The first thing I saw was the north end flipped up and cars still on it. Arthur and I just looked at eachother and said "the cars are still there." That's what made it real for us.