Monday, April 30


The spring canopy has exploded over the weekend. Last Friday we were still marveling at the silhouettes of fat leaf buds against the sky, exclaiming over the new green-gold leaves. Trees were still bare. Today I can look out Boss's window to the bank of the Mississippi and it is trees you see, not tiny leaves or branches. I'd best hurry to Eloise Butler Wild Flower Garden before the ephemerals ephem. Vanish. Skidoo!

Sock watch, Thursday: claims he wore matching socks to school, but after Extreme Frisbee practice changed socks to one black, one orange. Weekend: mild mismatches only. Maybe the glory days are over. I talked him into getting some white athletic socks for running and practice. The YFU told him white socks are a sign of nerd-hood. That's with dress clothes. I told him black socks and athletic shoes are nerdy. Ah, culture.

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